Our approach


Over many years we have worked with and consulted with a large number of organisations spanning all the sectors.

Red Lynx has developed an approach built on partnership working, trust, open-ness, professionalism and value – both a return on investment, and also based on economy, efficiency and effectiveness.  For every 4 days commercial work, we will give 1 day's pro bono work for other charities and foundations.

Working with Red Lynx, we guarantee:-

An honest approach delivered by practitioners with the experience and skill to undertake the programme or work proposed.

Availability with quick turnaround, secure and open contact methods and priority to the client's needs.

Practical Support - Hands on support in drafts, plans, briefs, and presentations when needed; working to transfer skill to the client organisation; able to commission work as required.

Flexibility - Capable of generating plan B or plan C; able to vary working practices according to circumstances.

Knowledge based with proven experience of successful fundraising and able to develop knowledge base of client's staff; able to undertake research, and to give sound guidance on the legal framework for fundraising – tax effective giving, data protection, etc.

Appropriate working at a cost related to the situation with a realistic plan or strategy which takes account of the time, people and money resources available to the client.


"The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change and the realist adjusts the sails” -WIlliam George Ward

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